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We recently completed our conceal carry course with Garrett. I would highly recommend his company for anyone interested. Garrett was very professional and knowledgeable in his class. Even if you have your conceal carry and want more training or refresher course please reach out to Garrett. We will always use his company for any of our needs with firearms.

Neal Avery

The instructor was thorough, informative, and extremely knowledgeable. He made the course entertaining. He taught us what to do and when to do it as well as what to never do. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to obtain safety training or get their CCW.

Chrissy Rose

We searched many places for a concealed weapons class and all were full. I came across this instructor and took the class just because they had openings. Much to my surprise, God had guided us to the perfect place. The class was very thorough and had a lot of appropriate information. The best thing about the class is that the instructor was very engaging with the audience, took all questions and made the time fly. We also went to a private range to live fire weapons at targets and not into a bucket or dummy rounds. They offer many other courses that we plan on taking. I’m so glad that God guided us to this NRA certified instructor. I am not a paid spokes person and all the above is what I observed in the 3 hours we were all together. Also he will take people who walk in when they saw the signs out front.

Eric Wozniak

Excellent NRA instructor, shows all basics you need to get started and get your CCW. Also takes you to a small range to fire 10 rounds or so you get a feel for the guns as well. Very educational and takes the fear out of owning and using your own gun. Highly recommend his basic and the advanced shooting classes as well.

Randy George

I took the concealed weapons class so I could carry. I basically knew nothing walking into the class and now I feel very informed. I’m glad I chose Hamblen security because Garrett knows his gun laws and was extremely safe. It was a great learning experience and very friendly staff!

Joshua Smith

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